How to submit your paper

Contributions should be sent as email attachments to this address:

Contributions may fall into one of the following categories:

RILM indexes this site, and is willing to publish abstracts of articles hosted on EUNOMIOS. Therefore, submitters are strongly encouraged to include a short summary of their paper along with the submission.

Important warning
We recommend that you don't send files in proprietary word-processor formats (like Microsoft Word). Please use more compatible formats, if at all possible. We recommend submitting your work in HTML whenever possible (but see below). Submissions in plain text, PDF, and RTF formats are OK too.
What to do if your paper is a MS Word file
If your paper is in Word format, please don't convert it to HTML using Word, as this usually results in bloated and virtually unmanageable HTML code. Rather, save your text as RTF and the images (if any) in GIF or JPEG, and then send those files to us -- we will do the conversion for you.

Thank you!