Authors: Ranjan Sengupta, Tarit Guhathakurta, Dipak Ghosh, and Asoke Kumar Datta
Title: "On the Scientific Approach to Understand Improvisation: A Pilot Study"

Rabindra-Sangeet is a genre of song relatively new (19th century). Singers are supposed to adhere strictly to the discipline regarding pronunciation, notation and rhythm prescribed by the composer-poet himself. In these songs lyric, emotion, melody and esthetics are related with a very high level of sensitivity. It therefore provides a good testing ground for improvisation where a singer has to strive hard to put his characteristic signature. A small part of a popular Rabindra-Sangeet sung by a number of contemporary and the previous generation singers are used as the database. The results reveal that aspects of duration (matra), pitch contour offers interesting area of marking individuality.