Author: Francesco Spampinato
Title: "Memories of the body and pre-signity in music: points of contact between Existential Semiotics and Globality of Languages"

The transition to new semiotic models, other than Greimasian structuralism, can be counted among today's often interdisciplinary currents of thought and research. While Eero Tarasti, in the formulation of his Existential Semiotics, benefits from the suggestions of certain philosophical orientations in order to breathe new life into semiotics, Gino Stefani and Stefania Guerra Lisi, in the context of the Globality of Languages, refer to psychophysiological models to examine phenomena of communication and expression. These two semio-aesthetic paradigms, however, find common ground in a shard intention to move beyond "semiotics of rules and grammars" (cf. Tarasti 2002: 126). One particular aspect of this convergence will be examined in this text: the proximity between the notion of "pre-sign", such as it is formulated by Eero Tarasti in the works Existential Semiotics (2000) and Signs of Music (2002), and the notion of the "psycho-affective memory of the body", proposed by Stefania Guerra and Gino Stefani (2004, 2006).