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01/24/2022Johan Broekaert Proposal for a Comprehensive Evaluation of Bach- and Well-Temperaments (PDF file) (Abstract) English 578 KB
11/01/2021Johan Broekaert The Well Tempered Meantone (brief) (PDF file) (Abstract) English 410 KB
10/22/2020David Kotler Law, Gospel and Faith: Tracing the Influence of Martin Luther's Theology on a Few Sacred Cantatas by Johann Sebastian Bach (PDF file) (Abstract -- Introduction) English 132 KB
8/10/2019Gabriele D'Angela Computational Jazz theory applied to Contemporary, Tonal and Atonal Guitar (PDF eBook) (Abstract -- Preface) English 4.2 MB
8/7/2018Francesco Spampinato Pour une analyse des discours sur la musique: Jankélévitch et les metaphores du balancement (PDF file) (Abstract in English) French 213 KB
5/9/2016 Ole Izard Høyer Defining Jazz Revisited -- Taking a Social Constructionist Approach to the Characterisation of Jazz (PDF file) (Abstract) English 225 KB
5/9/2016 Christophe Alvarez The Implication of Harmonic Relations in the Architectural Framework of "Scheherazade" (Masques, op. 34) by Karol Szymanowsky (PDF file) (Abstract) English 3.4 MB
11/8/2015 Miona Dimitrijevic Tonal confirmation in Max Reger's orchestral works (PDF file) (Abstract) English 1 MB
10/24/2015 Francesco Spampinato Memories of the body and pre-signity in music: points of contact between Existential Semiotics and Globality of Languages (PDF file) (Abstract) English 212 KB
04/05/2015 Kaushik Banerjee
Anirban Patranabis
Ranjan Sengupta
Dipak Ghosh
How Harmonium Accompaniment in Hindustani Music Is Changing the Scale System (PDF file) (Abstract) English 311 KB
03/27/2015 Nityananda Dey Improved Methodology of Raga Discrimination in north Indian Classical Music (PDF file) (Abstract) English 127 KB
11/30/2014 Ranjan Sengupta
Tarit Guhathakurta
Dipak Ghosh
Asoke Kumar Datta
On the Scientific Approach to Understand Improvisation: A Pilot Study (PDF file) (Abstract) English 128 KB
07/13/2014Allison Smith Louis Andriessen: The Musical Egalitarian (PDF file) (Abstract) English 389 KB
04/25/2014Marcus Alessi Bittencourt A revision of the theory of modulation and a renewed Riemannian analytical methodology for extended tonality (PDF file) (Abstract) English 1.4 MB
12/3/2013Daniela Willimek
Bernd Willimek
Music and Emotions -- Research on the Theory of Musical Equilibration (PDF file) (Abstract) English 4.5 MB
11/20/2013Martyn Hudson Music and materiality: Cardew and the musical politics of Marxism (Abstract) English 16 KB
06/28/2011Asoke Kumar Datta
Ranjan Sengupta
Nityananda Dey
Objective Analysis of Shrutis From The Vocal Performances of Hindustani Music Using Clustering Algorithm (PDF file) (Abstract) English 144 KB
03/21/2011Seyit Yöre A Review on the Robert Garfias' Lecture on Ottoman Art Music (PDF file) English 84 KB
03/08/2011Richard Wilson Irregular resolutions of one dominant seventh into another (PDF file) (Abstract) English 4101 KB
02/03/2011John Charles Francis Bach's Well Tempered Tuning (PDF file) (Abstract) English 636 KB
08/25/2010Ranjan Sengupta
Asoke Kumar Datta
Nityananda Dey
Objective Analysis of Consonance (Vaditya) in Indian Classical Music (PDF file) (Abstract) English 188 KB
08/17/2010Soubhik Chakraborty On Identifying a Common Goal Between Musicians and Scientists (PDF file) (Abstract) English 100 KB
04/03/2010Soubhik Chakraborty Review of the book "Music Research: A Handbook" by L. Sampsel English 3 KB
12/13/2009Soubhik Chakraborty Review of the book "Measured tones: The Interplay of Physics and Music" by Ian Johnston English 3 KB
12/04/2009David Samuel Baltuch Score, gesture, and sound (Abstract) English 3 KB
11/05/2009Soubhik Chakraborty Is classical music meant for the brain and light music for the ear? (Abstract) English 8 KB
05/17/2009Soubhik Chakraborty On a memorable experience I had playing the raga Kirwani (Abstract) English 8 KB
05/14/2009John Benton An Archaeological Dig into the Foundations of Western Music (Abstract) English 73 KB
01/06/2009 Tim Birkett Where Are The Mozarts Of Today? Probably Online... (Abstract) English 7 KB
09/23/2008 Robert B. Cantrick Semantics of Music Scholarship: Concepts True of All Music (PDF file) (Abstract) English 219 KB
08/23/2008 Nolan Stolz Contrapuntal Techniques in Schoenberg's Fourth String Quartet (PDF file) (Abstract) English 586 KB
07/17/2007 Boris Plotnikov Notes on Musical Dramaturgy in Chopin's Second Piano Sonata (PDF file) (Abstract) English 152 KB
06/29/2007 James William Sobaskie Enduring Music (Abstract) English 12 KB
04/02/2006 John Charles Francis Friedrich Suppig's Diagrammatic Tunings (PDF file) English 1090 KB
07/10/2005 John Charles Francis Das Wohltemperirte Clavier - Pitch, Tuning and Temperament Design (PDF file) English 994 KB
05/25/2005 Miroslaw Majchrzak The scheme of diatonic major and minor key modulations in the natural keys English 19 KB
02/09/2005 John Charles Francis The Esoteric Keyboard Temperaments of J. S. Bach (PDF file) English 1604 KB
10/20/2004 Victor A. Grauer Some Thoughts on Cross Cultural and Comparative Studies in Ethnomusicology English 11 KB
06/25/2004 John Charles Francis The Keyboard Temperament of J. S. Bach English 142 KB
06/30/2003 Arkadyi Klimovitsky Unknown Stravinsky English 7 KB
12/30/2002 Fernando Rivas The Mozarts of Today -- A response to an article by Kenneth Lampl English 4 KB
10/23/2001 Carlos Palombini Rainforest Soundwalks: Ambiences of Bosavi, Papua New Guinea. O CD do antropólogo Steven Feld comentado Portuguese 6 KB
10/21/2001 Carlos Palombini Violentado pelo zelo modernista. Uma resenha de Música de Invenção, de Augusto de Campos Portuguese 6 KB
10/20/2001 Carlos Palombini Idéias para uma musicologia das músicas digitais: notas a uma leitura de Landy Portuguese 14 KB
10/04/2001 Kenneth Lampl Where are the Mozarts of today? English 4 KB
05/04/2001 Teo Ramírez Sextas aumentadas: Revisión de su tratamiento en los libros de armonía tradicionales Spanish 43 KB
04/01/2001 Siglind Bruhn A Concert of Paintings: "Musical Ekphrasis" in the Twentieth Century English 66 KB
03/25/2001 Mauro Montanari Confusione e disorientamento Italian 925 KB
01/15/2001 Joseph-François Kremer Conférence pour les 30 ans de Phuong Ca French 7 KB
01/05/2001 Boris Plotnikov On Dialectical Structure Creating Process in Shostakovich's Prelude op. 34 # XX English 91 KB
12/23/2000Pandel Collaros Pitch-Class Transitions Paradigms and Quotients English 184 KB
12/06/2000 Fulvio Delli Pizzi
Michele Ignelzi
Paolo Rosato
Rhetoric without a Rhetor
three studies on meaning and music
Fulvio Delli Pizzi Musical Rhetoric is not a Will-o'-the-Wisp 4 KB
Michele Ignelzi Homeostasis as Negative 10.6 KB
Paolo Rosato Rhetorical "Intentio Operis" in the Piano Sonata Op. 2, No. 2 by Ludwig van Beethoven 777 KB
English794 KB
12/06/2000 John Paynter Music as the art of the possible English 24.5 KB
12/06/2000 Victor A. Grauer A Field Theory of Musical Semiosis -- Part One English 9.6 KB